What in the world is this "exclusive" referral club Brittany is talking about? 

I love my clients and I like to reward them for being awesome. That's why I started the referral club. Here's how it works: in order to be eligible, you have to be one of my clients. If you hire me for a wedding or anniversary session, you're a member. What are the perks? Well, when you refer a family member or friend to my photo services, you get some goodies when they book. Some of those goodies include: a free coffee book style album from your photo session with me, a free 11x14 print from your session, a free mini-session, or gift cards for a date night.  

Want to refer 5 friends to me? 500 friends? You keep getting the perks each time a new person books. Boom. Just my way of saying, "Hey. You're awesome and I appreciate you."